Feature Idea – Mod Level Customization


The idea is pretty simple. I think we should be able to equip mods and decide what level of that mod we want to use, up to the maximum that we have it leveled. For example, if I have a rank 8 Serration mod (12 mod points, 135% damage) and only 10 mod points left on my rifle, I should be able to equip it and set it to rank 6 (10 mod points, 105% damage) and get the benefits of the mod at the lower rank. Or, if I have two mod slots left and only 14 points, I could equip a 7 point Hellfire and a 7 point Stormbringer and get Radiation damage instead of equiping a max level Hellfire and having 3 points left over.

What the benefits are:

  • No need to hold onto spare mods of various levels.
  • Increased weapon customization options.
  • Better control and fine-tuning of mod loadouts/builds.
  • Warframe ability mods and sentinel precept mods could be removed from the loot tables.

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