Warframe Idea – New Mission Types

Credit SonyaUliana via Warframe Wiki

Credit SonyaUliana via Warframe Wiki

In order to add some diversity to gameplay and to combat Void loot table dilution I had a few ideas for missions that could be implemented in Warframe, both in the Void and not.

Espionage/Advanced Spy

Traverse Gineer-, Corpus- and Orokin-controlled locations and search for important information left on display, like troop movement maps, battle plans or ship schematics. Scan the objectives with the codex scanner. When scanned, an alarm is triggered and a pack of enemies with a leader comes out to attack the players.

Commandeer/ Advanced Sabotage, Defense, Hijack

Enter a Grineer, Corpus or Derelict ship, take control of it and alter its course to collide with an asteroid, planet or the sun. Protect the ship’s controls until the course is irreversible, then extract. As the ship gets closer to collision, various systems being to fail. Artificial gravity gets wonky, life support cuts in and out (like when shooting out a window), hull loses integrity and pieces of the ship warp and break blocking paths and injuring the players.

Takeover/Advanced Mobile Defense

Capture a base or enemy installation. Steadily clear enemies out of a number of different areas of a ship or building, capture a node to lock enemies out of your recently captured area than then move onto the next until you control the whole installation.


Kind of like a defense. Find a bomb planted by an enemy strike team in a Tenno installation and then protect one or two of your squad mates while they do a complex series of ciphers before time runs out.


Either destroy special propaganda targets or carve/shoot/paint Tenno, Clan, Alliance or Lotus symbols all over Corpus and Grineer installations. Spread fear.

Cache Hunting (Survival B Side)

A stealth mission. Explore an enemy installation without being detected. Search special chests (technology caches, credit banks, parts storage) for loot to share with your team. This could be tied to survival missions, meaning either three players run the usual survival while the fourth searches for for rewards (in place of the usual five minute rewards) or one party could search for rewards while another does the distraction survival mission.


Fight progressively more difficult waves of enemies in single arena rooms. Different from defense in that there is no entity to protect and most enemies would be leaders, making the fight more about combat strategy than mass killing.


NPC Tenno performing a mission get ambushed and pinned down. Enter a mission, get to them before they get killed and then get to extraction with them. Kind of like an advanced rescue where your target is in jeopardy when you enter the mission.

Harrow/Advanced Exterminate or Assassination

Find rogue NPC Tenno that are greatly disrupting the balance of power in the solar system and eliminate them. Kind of like a group assassinate (like fighting the Hyenas) except with Tenno in warframes as the targets. The Tenno could also be scattered throughout the level and mixed in with normal enemies, making it more like a specialized exterminate.

Multi-Objective Randomized

A dynamically created mission that combines elements from other mission types. For example, a mission where you have to steal a datamass and sabotage a reactor or a mission where you have to reinforce pinned down Tenno NPCs and then help them finish their mission of defending a cryopod.

 Nightmare Modes

  • Great Cost: Start with half ammo for guns, half stamina and half energy. Burn twice as much of each.
  • Gimped Gear: Weapons replaced with the MK1-Braton and/or Lato (affinity still applies to normal weapons). Alternatively, all equipment and warframes act like they are unmodded.
  • Dragon Roulette: Get a random dragon key debuff. Every minute, change to a different random dragon key debuff.
  • Overload: Energy replenishes rapidly. Take continuous damage while at max energy.

Synapse – The Meltinator


Here is my infamous Synapse max DPS build:

V x4
Bar x2

Mods (Actual Points/Effective Points):
Serration (14/7)
Heavy Caliber (16/8)
Split Chamber (15/8)
Point Strike (9/5)
Vital Sense (9)
Hammer Shot (9)
Stormbringer (11/6)
Infected Clip (11/6)

285.7 Corrosive
6.7 Acc
10.0 Fire Rate
5.6x / 125% crit rate
24.9% status/second
100 Magazine
1.5 sec reload


  • Damage from continuous fire weapons is calculated and displayed three times a second, so your first tic should be upwards of 3.5k, meaning 10k-15k+ DPS. Additional tics against heavily armored targets hit substantially higher.
  •  With High Voltage or Malignant Force in place of Hammer Shot, 1 ammo hits for 1,527 (346*4.4). With Hammer Shot, 1 ammo hits for 1,602 (286*5.6), an increase of about 75 per tic or 750 per second.
  • You can substitute Hellfire for Infected Clip and use Radiation damage. Swapping in Cryo Rounds would require one of the Bar polarities be no polarity or made into a D for Magnetic. Be smart about what damage type you use for what you are fighting.
  • Heavy Caliber spreading the beam a bit makes it more useful.
  • You don’t need a max Point Strike. Using a rank 3 (7 point) version gives you 100% crit.

Guaranteed to kill anything in under a second or your money back.

Feature Idea – Mod Level Customization


The idea is pretty simple. I think we should be able to equip mods and decide what level of that mod we want to use, up to the maximum that we have it leveled. For example, if I have a rank 8 Serration mod (12 mod points, 135% damage) and only 10 mod points left on my rifle, I should be able to equip it and set it to rank 6 (10 mod points, 105% damage) and get the benefits of the mod at the lower rank. Or, if I have two mod slots left and only 14 points, I could equip a 7 point Hellfire and a 7 point Stormbringer and get Radiation damage instead of equiping a max level Hellfire and having 3 points left over.

What the benefits are:

  • No need to hold onto spare mods of various levels.
  • Increased weapon customization options.
  • Better control and fine-tuning of mod loadouts/builds.
  • Warframe ability mods and sentinel precept mods could be removed from the loot tables.